by Cru Staff

progressive-dinner We’re glad you’re checking out Campus Crusade for Christ at Mizzou, also known as Cru at Mizzou. Our desire is to give every student at Mizzou (and the world) the opportunity to know Jesus Christ in a personal way and to grow into becoming a “Christ-centered laborer for a lifetime.” This means that you would begin and grow into the great adventure for which you were created…that you would know life to the full. We pray that you’ll find a Body of Christ who will welcome you with Grace and Truth.

Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of things- whether you’re skeptical, exploring, looking to know Jesus more, or just curious….. or if you grew up with a Christian background and want to grow in your faith, come join us as we all are on our unique spiritual journey toward knowing Christ. If you havpaloozae any questions about life (ie anything ranging from religion, purpose, values, death, tragedy, to “Who is Jesus Christ” and “What exactly is the basic message of the Bible?” ) we hope this website is a resource for you as you journey along… Please check out the links & feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!

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