"Cru" Thursday Night Weekly Meeting Weekly Meeting pic 2.jpg
If you are looking for an easy way to check out Cru at Mizzou, join 150 other Mizzou students for "Cru"...our Thursday night weekly meeting.  Cru is our "LIVING ROOM" if you will, a chill place for you to come and see what's going on.  Along with being able to check out Cru at Mizzou, you will also get to grow in your faith through Bible based talks and worship. Meeting Tiger Terrace.jpg
After Cru it's time for TIGER TERRACE!  After the videos, skits, worship and Bible-based talks, stay a little later to meet new people and hang out.  We love chilling out with some food and drinks after almost every Cru.  After Cru, you will either find us out on the "Tiger Terrace" enjoying some snacks or in a corner section of Flatbranch taking advantage of some 1/2 priced pizzas. 

It's about FAMILY.  Cru is a non-judgmental place to come and meet new people.  It's a place to belong. We seek to create a fun family like atmosphere for you to experience while you here at Mizzou.  It's in this environment that real life change can happen.  You will see God working in your life and God using you in other's lives as well.  Come be apart of our big "Cru Family."